Write About Now

It used to be that the only way to access slam poetry was by going to a local event. To get to that local event, you had to know a guy who knew a guy, and then by some magic you’d meet up at that one place you always wanted to go, but never really got to, and it was great for that one time you went. Alas, now it’s been years since you’ve attended a spoken word event, and the thought of traipsing out among the young writers gives you the chills. Fret not readers, now you can access poetry without the nonsense of fellow audience members. Let Roots introduce you to Write About Now.

Write About Now is the creation of the same-named event originally founded in Houston, but it’s the video platform for spoken word that has everyone talking. For the uninitiated, video-caches and YouTube archives of performance poetry are the single thing that can take a writer from local notoriety to international sensation overnight. These are those make-your-heart-nova performance clips that are often featured on sites like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, or Upworthy.

Why does a Texas-based media platform matter to Idaho? Because you’re missing some of the best poetry that the Boise area has to offer.

This summer, the Boise Poetry Slam team has been getting ready for the National Poetry Slam. This is the oldest news there is. The Boise Slam has been going to Nationals for over a decade, but it’s what they’re doing this year that’s making noise.

Recently, the Boise Poetry slam featured at the Utah Arts Festival, a week long art-in-the-park on steroids. In the mix of paints, sculpture, music, dance, and theater, the Boise Slam Team performed alongside poets from Minneapolis, Spokane, Denver, and of course, Utah. Write About Now was there to capture all of the action, and now we can enjoy the fruits of their labor in our pajamas.

Write About Now is special because it’s been the once underdog, now crowd favorite, against its older Minneapolis brother, Button Poetry. If you’re familiar with spoken word channels, then you know about Button. It’s king among the news sites, the most widely used platform for finding performance poetry, and the beginning of this trend. However, these days, it seems that Button Poetry has evolved into a members-only club, where you need a sport coat and a valet key. It got… fancy. Boise is good looking, but not fancy. That’s why Write About Now won the Boise Slam Team’s heart, and their performances. It’s a little rugged, a little raw, and all-inclusive.

Want to bring a Boise poet home? You can go to a local event and ask, but it’s way easier to check out the Write About Now site and catch their newest work online. Local favorites include: Lydia Havens, Ben Duran, and Emily Herbster.

Or, if you want to see your favorite poets live, check out the Boise Slam for more info on their next event.