Top 10 Top 10 Lists Featuring Boise (or Idaho)

By December 8, 2017Blog, Community

One of Boise’s favorite things to do is put itself on lists. Lots and lots of lists. Top 10 lists in particular.

I, as someone who uses the term “sportsball” on the regular, imagine Boise the Character™ as one of those cool athletes that doesn’t seem to be trying very hard but winning at everything.

On the exterior, a moderately buff (think sinewy muscles, lean, not jacked), elegant performer, bolting toward the finish line (or goal, or whatever) and winning the game no one thought they’d even place in. And even if they don’t win the gold, people still remember them for their underdogged-ness and composure. That’s Boise, makin’ all the lists.

Here are some faves I discovered while scouring the deep, dark recesses of the web for Boise’s appearances on top 10 lists.*

*Not really, I totally just Googled “Boise top ten lists” and checked out the first few results. Also, some of these lists have more than 10 places, but this title sounds better with the double “Top 10,” so don’t worry about it.

1. CNN Money, 2012 – Most Inventive State, No. 6
Cheers to the state that takes a collective bathroom break together every New Year by dropping a giant turd-resembling “potato” at midnight. Could we have at least added a slab of butter? Chives? Anything? *cough*GEMSTATEWHYNOTDROPAGEM*cough*

Jokes aside, Boise does have some of the most innovative tech startups, mom-and-pops, and unique businesses and organizations around, so there’s that.

2., 2016 – 10 Best Downtowns, No. 6
Number six? NUMBER SIX? best get their priorities straight. We NUMBER ONE, bishes. Besides, like, San Francisco. San Francisco’s great.

3. Men’s Health, 2012 – The Best Cities for Men 2013, No. 1
I could go into, like, the ever-present gender wage gap and women’s health rights and all that good stuff, but – hey dudes, good news for you!

4. Time Magazine, 2015 – Top 10 Best Towns for College Football
Yeah, we know.

5. Buzzfeed, 2015 – The Best U.S. Cities According to People Who’ve Never Lived There
Specifically, I’d like to point out that one woman said, “I think Boise is where people go to fall in love.” Um, ‘scuse me. Have you seen our Tinder pool? Do you like urban cowboys and men who hold fish? Great. Have at ‘em, honey.

6. CNBC, 2017 – Ten Cheapest States to Live In, No. 6
You know what our minimum wage is though, right? Right?

7. Bustle, 2014 – Ten U.S. Cities That Earn Their Coffee Bragging Rights, No. 9
As a veteran coffee shop hopper who actually only drinks iced black tea (not the kind with a hint of floral something – I’m talking straight English Breakfast or the black currant from Flying M), I will attest to this statement. I don’t even drink the stuff, but know it’s true.

8. Thumbtack, 2013 – Training & Networking Programs, Licensing Regulations, & Ease of Starting a Business, No. 1
I’m just gonna take their word for it because that’s a long ass title.

9. AllState, 2016 – Best Drivers in the Country, No. 5
Have you driven on Eagle Road? No? Then you have no say in this.

10. Women’s Health Magazine, 2012 – The Healthiest Cities for Women, No. 4
So we’re healthy, but still poor. Cool. Also, they list us as “Boise City,” which is why they’re last of the top lists on this top 10 list of top 10 lists.

If you want to check out all the lovely top lists Boise and Idaho show up on, check out Boise Valley Economic Partnership – that’s basically how I wrote this listicle.

Post-listicle side note: Boise dropped to number 12 on Men’s Health’s 2016 list. Boise women: smashing the patriarchy one healthy, happy man at a time.