Where to Shop Before Time Runs Out!

By December 20, 2017Blog, Community

The Holiday Season is in full swing in the City of Trees. Boise is magic when winter falls upon us. It’s time for mugs of cocoa, reading by the fire, and spending time with loved ones. Or, er, you would be if you didn’t have to find the perfect present that everyone will fight over at the white elephant exchange. Whether you need the perfect gift for your husband’s-brother’s new partner to make a good impression or to gain infamy at the office holiday party, Roots has you covered. Here’s our top list of our favorite places to shop before time runs out!

1. Mixed Greens

Mixed Greens is a boutique store that keeps you guessing. Billed as modern gift shop, it’s less monochrome and more splendor. Start with the paper goods, but don’t miss the clothing items or the jewelry. You needed to shop for yourself anyway, right?

2. Flying M Gift Shop

No gift giving is complete without that impeccable gift from The Flying M Coffeehouse’s infamous gift shop. Too much greatness to decide? Like closing your eyes and placing a finger on a spinning globe, you can pick up anything in this place and you’ll find something you need.  If all else fails, get a Flying M gift card. The gift of coffee is the gift used before New Years.  

 3. Peace Valley Dry Goods

Peace Valley Dry Goods & Barber Shop is the premier barber shop in town. While it sounds like the place you go to get ready for the Oregon Trail…it’s pretty much the place you go to get ready to journey across the Oregon Trail. This Haus of Style boasts the opportunity to get you ship-shape with a cut, shave, and new shirt. If that’s not enough, it’s got all of your look-good needs inside.

4. City Peanut Shop

Giving boxes of assorted nuts is a classic holiday tradition dating back decades. And like a classic, that weird cartoon with the monocle will not do. Get your delicious on at the City Peanut Shop. They’ve got everything from brittle to brewer’s nuts. When you show up at the family dinner with a box of roasted cashews for your grandmother, you’ll make her SO HAPPY.

5. The Chocolat Bar

Buy all of your friends chocolate because if they don’t like chocolate, they’re not your friends. The Chocolat Bar is the premier place for premier chocolate in downtown Boise. Proclaimed as one of the top chocolatiers in America, The Chocolat Bar serves up some of the best hot chocolate in town. If your life or the lives of your fellow neighborhood carolers ever needed to be righted, this is the place to do it.

 6. The Beardsmith

We all know from the immortal film, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, that there’s nothing better than a Christmas shave. If you want the best in Christmas shaves, The Beardsmith is the place to visit. Get your beard looking more Santa than scraggle and book your appointment soon! Nothing will get you invited back to the reindeer games sooner than the Beardsmith’s products. Buy at their location or check out the Flying M Coffeehouse Gift Shop!

7. RePop Gifts

At Roots, we’re always searching for our favorite guilty pleasures. RePop Gifts is your paradise for all things pop-culture and pop-art. Made by Miss Courageous, part superhero and part patron saint of women entrepreneurs everywhere, these restyled and reimagined accessories are fun and full of fandom. You may lose the ugly sweater contest, but you’ll certainly take home the  Best Dressed award with their Lego bow tie.

 8. Crazy Neighbor

Crazy Neighbor is your “find-everything” store. While it’s famous for its amazing hats, it’s also the place to get that impossible-to-shop-for person on your list. At Crazy Neighbor, you’ll find the gift that makes them think you’ve been planning their gift for ages. . Everything in this topsy-turvy store will turn your winter into whimsy.