Death Rattle Writers Fest presents 2018 programming with launch of OROBORO

By S. Doghouse

There is a thriving literary scene here amongst artists in our community that has seen and created tremendous growth and has a thirst for more; more ways to better their work, more opportunities to create, and a platform on which to share. In 2018, Death Rattle Writers Fest will continue to strive not only to cultivate opportunities for aspiring writers, but to create a chance to be inspired by the experience of others with the help of a few ambitious goals for this next year.

You can expect to see quarterly spotlight readings featuring local and national authors at a variety of different venues in Nampa and Boise – at your local bookstore, the local theatre, or brewery. If that isn’t your style, you can always haunt a reading at one of Death Rattle’s all-ages house shows. You can also look forward to several free workshops tackling subjects ranging from making your own zine to writing with thematic inspiration all taught by a slew of professional writers and teachers. All of this culminates in the festival you know and love; this year spanning just two days in October, while still being a place for any and all, whether it’s your first Death Rattle or your fifth, to participate and grow exponentially in their work and in appreciation for our literary community.

Death Rattle is also launching an online literary publication under the name OROBORO; publishing tri-annual issues of poetry, flash fiction, and comics. The publication will be able to publish as many as eight authors an issue as well as host two annual writing contests judged by a national author – contests that include a cash prize as well as a comment about the winner’s work from the guest judge. As stated in OROBORO’s mission, “New writers deserve to see their work published, and deserve the same care and generosity shown to published authors. We love being the first publication of emerging writers and encourage submissions from people of any age and experience.” OROBORO intends to be both an exciting stepping stone for emerging artists as well as a constant source of high-quality local writing for Treasure Valley readers and beyond. Additionally, if you ever want to flex your journalistic or editorial skills, submissions are always open for the Death Rattle Review, the festival’s blog featuring pieces on everything from local bands to interviews with poets to conversations about Dark Souls. With the quality and quantity of work that is being produced in the Treasure Valley, there is a demand for publications in the community for both writers and readers alike, and for support in this from the local literary organizations’ space and platform. Death Rattle is looking to provide a readily available resource to get your name out and receive recognition on a local level in order to break the ice on a national one.

We here at Death Rattle have seen in our community how much you all have grown in your work and performances and creativity, and we want as an organization to grow with you. Death Rattle’s ambitious plan for this year’s programming and publishing endeavours is for everything to work symbiotically with each other – workshops to support publication themes, the contests and the year-long reading series, and into the annual festival itself – much like the cycle of the ouroboros.

Submissions for the debut issue of OROBORO open this Saturday, January 20.

Find all the info on how to submit to OROBORO here.

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Photos courtesy of Ryan Cheatham