Behind the Lens with Casey Levins

By May 16, 2018Blog, Filmmaking, Video

When I first stumbled upon Casey Levins’ Instagram a year ago, a range of emotions hit me, which, if explained with emojis, would look something like this: 😱 😍 🤯 🤔 – I was in awe, in love with his videos, and, as I kept scrolling through this feed, my mind was blown. And then I thought, “This guy’s from Boise?! Why haven’t I seen his work before?”

I had recently dipped my toe into the proverbial videography pool, and couldn’t even understand how he had achieved certain angles and shots. His work inspired me, so I reached out to him. We met up, talked shop, and I’ve been following his work closely ever since. I recently interviewed him and talked with him about his passion for videography and filmmaking, growing into his own in a booming Boise backdrop, and what advice he has for aspiring filmmakers.

Casey is working on some exciting new projects, so make sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram (@caseypatrickfilms).

Video and edit by Jenny Bowler