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Tara Lzicar

Top 8 Things to do in Boise this Halloween

By | Blog, Community

Everyone’s official favorite holiday is right around the corner – Halloween. Too many locals know that this is an evening fraught with bad parties masquerading as badass balls. Never fear: Roots is here to help you avoid amateur hour and party like a pro for the Night of No-Good.  Here’s…

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The Book Club is Back

By | Blog, Visual & Literary Arts

The unstoppable Storyfort Team is its own winning streak. It’s not just their commitment to the local lit scene; there’s something to be said for taking something as exclusive as the Book Club, and blasting it out of the parlor and up to the Owyhee Lounge. One can argue its…

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True West Comes to Boise

By | Blog, Theater

The team of True West are nothing if not bold. This week, the Roots Crew was able to meet up with Jacob Grodnik and Drake Shannon to hear about their latest production, written by Sam Shepard. Sitting in a quiet back room of the busy Owyhee, Shannon gets right into…

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