6 Local Podcasts to Get Your Ears On

By July 16, 2018Blog, Community

Boise’s got a poppin’ creative scene – there’s no doubt about that. If you’re passionate about any kind of art, music, or media, you can find plenty of like-minded people here. And where there are collectives of passionate individuals, there are podcasts.

The podcast resurgence of the internet age brought audio blogging back with more force than it ever had in the 80’s. Podcasts are now the media choice for many: They can offer insight on any and all topics with a side of banter and vocal cues. For individuals with perspectives to share and hobbies to rant about, podcasts provide a platform to have and share conversations about their most popular or obscure interests.

Here are some of our favorite local podcasts:

Not Alone

All things mysterious and unexplained are explored by Jason Moitoso and Sam Fredrickson on Not Alone. This paranormal podcast is hugely popular, with over one million downloads in just over a year. With excellent audio recordings and a great Mulder-and-Scully dynamic, Moitoso and Frederickson do their research before taking deep dives into the scientific identifiers of paranormal activities. Roots did a video interview with the team last July in which we got to see their witty, back-and-forth commentary as well as their process for coming up with ideas to build up and break down for the show. Check out Not Alone Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sam Fredrickson (left) and Jason Moitoso (right) of Not Alone

Genuine Wrestleboys

Derek Oster, Esai Saldana, Matt Stone, and Zack Evans talk the ins and outs of one of the most theatrical contact sports today. There’s a lot to say about the reality show-style drama of professional wrestling, and these Boise natives have the lowdown on Wrestlemania’s lengthy history, events, and pro-wrestler personas. Covering the pro-wrestling industry’s predictable trends of winners and losers from a PC but irreverent perspective, this podcast is perfect for wrestling fans and Boise sport lovers in general. Find Genuine Wrestleboys on iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

All My Fcked Up Friends

Kylie McEntee and Bill Doty seek to connect with Boise’s party people via stories of rowdy behavior. Doty, who has worked for Funny or Die, Farkly, and Comedy Central, co-hosts this podcast where people talk about their disorderly conduct in all its glory. “The idea came because I wanted an outlet to know that I’m not the only one that has the most random, fucked things happen to them sometimes,” said McEntee. And let’s face it – those silly and hilarious stories are guilty pleasures worth celebrating. All My Fcked Up Friends captures the tenderness of these moments in full detail. Keep up with Boise’s ridiculous happenings on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kylie McEntee (left) and Bill Doty (right) of All My Fcked Up Friends

Copper & Heat

This upbeat and energetic podcast is hosted by Katy Osuna and produced by Ricardo Osuna, two Boise-born creatives who now live and work in San Jose. The power duo questions the unspoken rules and traditions of the food industry, with Katy sharing her perspective as a female chef. “Fifty percent of people coming out of culinary school programs are women, 27 percent are line cooks and 19 percent of head cooks or chefs are women; but only seven percent of executive chefs are women. Women aren’t making it to the top and I was wondering a lot why,” Katy Osuna said. Copper & Heat’s first season launches tomorrow, July 17. To learn more about the food industry from a women’s equality frame of reference, check out Copper & Heat on iTunes, StitcherSpotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thin Air

Hosted by Jordan Sims and Daniel Calderon, Thin Air is a true crime podcast about open missing persons cases. These unsolved investigations offer a chance to connect with the families of the missing persons and take an in-depth look at the social implications of missing persons cases. “We usually try to focus on the social issues that made the person go missing, so it’s kind of about missing people but it’s also about the reasons and social issues behind their disappearance,” said Sims in an interview with Roots. Through heart-wrenching, teary interviews, Sims and Calderon take a close look at the stories of missing persons and give the families another shot at hope. Keep up with Thin Air on iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter.

Daniel Calderon (left) and Jordan Sims (right) of Thin Air


Russ Bashaw, Anthony Saia, Dylan Brown, Bryan Paul, Tim Casagrande, and Joe Hightower share their love for music by discussing music events, history, album reviews, and new releases on AudioHammock. “When you meet someone who has an affinity for music, a connection can be made that skips a lot of the small talk and constructed formalities that take place within the framework of modern society,” said Bashaw, the creator and web designer for AudioHammock. There are people who like music and then there are people who understand and cherish the details created by the artist, and these individuals love to discuss and expand their music perspectives. If music is your language, you can get in on the conversation on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Honorary Mention

Now for our shameless plug. Roots Boise’s bi-weekly podcast In the Roots is hosted by Ashley Ann Howell and Jeston Cole Lewis. It covers Boise culture from food and art to comedy and dance. Howell and Lewis invite community members to share their perspectives and expertise on art, music, theater, filmmaking, and more, giving a personal context to Boise’s community and culture. You can find all the podcast episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Podcasts have a way of capturing the brief but special instances that make conversations worth having. Those conversations are important for the growth and sustainability of our community. Get familiar with some community banter by checking out these podcasts and let us know if we’ve missed any others.